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“With the costumes, I started wearing bat wings and stuff, and getting a little more outlandish, and then on Foxtrot I wore the fox head and the red dress. My wife, Jill, had a red Ossie Clark dress which I could just about get into, and we had a fox head made. The first time we tried it was in a former boxing ring in Dublin, and there was just a shocked silence.“Peter Gabriel

Found the dress on Etsy and it was an Ossie Clark collaboration with Radley, very early 1970s.

1960′s Barbie Booklet “Party Date” Outfit Illustration


Betty White photographed by Wallace Seawell, 1958.  

70′s Perspex High Heel Shoes

from Decades of Fashion, Harriet Worsley, 2000



Biba looks – 1973


Elegance 1968


October 1973. ‘Real romantics let longdresses set the mood.’



1970 McCall’s Sewing Patterns Advertisement

From the December, 1970 issue of Better Homes & Gardens Magazine



Neos watches by Lorenz, 1987

“A NEOS timepiece may be a square for the ‘un-square‘, or a circle, triangle, rectangle, or a pyramid that couldn’t be ‘square‘ if it tried! The clock you choose to represent your time represents you. Neos brings you 12 hours of style 24 hours a day“