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Peter Gabriel and Genesis, up Mickey Mouse’s butt for the 1974 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. (First published in Rolling Stone, Jan 2, 1975, via)

Elton John, early 70s fashion icon

Elton John, by Emerson Loew.

Paul & Linda McCartney, Scotland, 1971. I have no explanation for this. 

Ringo in a bathtub with cowboy boots and a sheriff’s star on his vest. Sure. Why not? Photo by Nancy Lee Andrews.

Joni Mitchell barefoot in overalls!

Because Gregory Peck on a skateboard in Central Park, that’s why.

Deep Purple, cover shoot for 1971’s Fireball. Have mercy. Should they have called it “Hairball”?

David Bowie, Glastonbury 1971! The pants, the hat, the hair, THE CAPE