Marc Bolan – 1973

More Birdshirt Montreux, October 28, 1972, sources: [x][x]

Salvador Dali, 1973, by Francesco Scavullo

Marc Bolan, by Anwar Hussein #adorable


Cass Elliot: Cleopatra in Palm Springs, by Henry Diltz. I found this at Henry’s Facebook page, where, of all the hundreds of iconic photos he’s famous for, and hundreds more you’ll fall in love with as you explore his work, THIS is his poster image.  

“Gary Burden and I took Cass out to the Palms Springs desert in a limo to take this picture for an album cover. It never got used for the cover, but it was a billboard on Sunset Strip. The oud in the picture was bought for me in Egypt by my father, however, it was a designer oud and couldn’t actually be tuned. Bummer for me, but good for the picture.”



worm off the string!! 

He is so free



Saying “I’m back on my bullshit” is funnier when you cycle through hyperfixations at random intervals because no one knows what bullshit you’re talking about unless you’ve made it obvious before or while saying it.

To be back on your bullshit you need to be off your bullshit ever. But I’m over here jumping from bullshit to bullshit like I’m playing some kind of platforming game. The only times I’m not on my bullshit are when I’ve fallen off the platforms and can’t get out of the lava to get back on my bullshit.


I can be your good sheep,

or your bad sheep


nice dick as always bro